Battle of the Biscuit.

Everyone in the South knows about the fast food Mecca that is Whataburger. From the greasiest of burgers to the biggest of drinks, just about anything on the menu is a crowd pleaser. Some people love it for the convenience of it being open 24/7, others love it because they enjoy the 30 minute wait at night. The point im trying to get to is just about everyone has a love/hate relationship with Whataburger.

I can only speak for myself, but the only time I crave Whataburger is after 11:30 at night. Normal people eat breakfast between the normal hours of 6am to 10am, but not this guy. If i’m eating breakfast its got to be before I have had my beauty rest. Does it make sense? Absolutely not, but nothing I do truly makes sense…just like this tangent. Welcome to my writing. You know where the exit is.

Anyway – the true staple in a Keaton Burns breakfast order is the HBCB (or the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit for the uncultured people). This fine delicacy is nothing but a chicken tender slapped between the remains of a dry ass biscuit, drizzled with the healthiest dosage of honey infused “butter”. The sandwich is an absolute mess, but a necessity of any drunken Whataburger order.

I’m not hyping up this HBCB for no reason. Player Two has joined the game. The square pattied juggernaut that is Wendy’s is throwing a wrench into the breakfast game.

This all started with an attack add on McDonald’s breakfast. It even looks like they have even hired an ex “chef” from McDonald’s. I’m not too sure what you have to do to be qualified as a “chef” at your local McDonald’s, but it looks like they sell out pretty easily and have high remarks of the new Wendy’s breakfast menu.

Wendy’s is at war and has brought along a couple of new breakfast items to back them up. I’m only interested in one of them though, their take on the HBCB. It looks like they have been taking notes form the customer service freaks at Chick-fil-a because they’ve broken the square patty tradition and now serve a circular(ish) chicken patty similar to the Chick-fil-a Chicken Biscuit. Honestly, the chicken strip in Whataburger’s HBCB is their biggest flaw and it looks like Wendy herself is here to capitalize on that.

I traveled to my local Wendy’s to give the new HBCB a try. Honestly, it’s pretty damn good. I know this is titled “Battle of the Biscuit” so I’m going to give you a clear winner, but this isn’t as simple as handing out the crown to a clear cut winner. The Wendy’s HBCB is a clear cut winner when it comes to taste, presentation, and accessibility. There aren’t 20 minuet waits to get the new HBCB at Wendy’s. It has a strong smell of syrup (I’m not too sure why) and honey, and a decent sized chicken patty. The one thing it doesn’t have is what makes Whataburger special, the experience.

Whataburger is a very unique fast food place. It’s the Waffle House of drive-thru food. You NEVER know what you’re going to see when you go to a Whataburger but you know the food is going to be solid no matter what…if you get the right order. The HBCB at Whataburger is a unique experience to me. It’s usually late-night when I stroll up to the drive-thru. There is always a wait. It could be in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday morning at 3 o’clock and there will always be three cars ahead of you. CONSISTENCY. You know when you get that HBCB you’re going to have to hold it with two hands so the chicken strip doesn’t fall out the side. CONSISTENCY. The biscuit is going to crumble so you know not to travel too far from that wrapper or you’ll be wearing that honey butter. CONSISTENCY. Wendy’s offers a bunch of unique experiences, don’t get me wrong, but none of them compare to the culture to expect on your trip to Whataburger.

The Whataburger HBCB is King.

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