A Tale of Two States

When it comes to people from Texas vs. people from New York, most would say that the two are completely different. I mean the two places are miles apart, the food is exponentially different and people’s attitudes I must say honestly are night and day. Regardless of the differences the two are very much alike.

When I think of people that are from Texas and New York and they face off with one another, I go straight to the meme of when Spongebob and Patrick are going back forth about who is the “real dirty Dan”.

A sponge and a starfish are completely different however the two are best friends. So like Spongebob and Patrick, Texans and New Yorkers are actually pretty similar.

Now just like most bloggers on the Internet, I’m going to give you a quick ~trendy~ list so I can prove my point


For starters both without a doubt are the most prideful people on the face of the planet. If you ask any of them where they are from, they’ll be the first person to tell you that they don’t care where you’re from and that they are from the greatest place on earth.  

Texans be like:

New Yorkers be like:


Have you ever heard of a New York slice or Tex-Mex? That’s what I thought, I think New Yorkers and Texans are the only group of people I know that are particular about their pizza and their Tex-mex.

To add on New Yorkers have always been particular about their bagels and their deli meats in general as an every day Texan can tell you where the best BBQ is or that the sausage kolaches reign supreme.

3. Sports

Both the Texans and the Yankees have had their fair share of highs and lows when it comes to sports.

Everybody knows that the New York Yankees have been winning pennants since baseball has been around and the Dallas Cowboys did not get the name “Americas Team” from losing.

However this is the part when it gets sad and relatable for the two. Don’t worry you won’t have to read about it, I will just put some pictures up.

Dez caught it, that’s all I’m going to say
If you know you know
Tainted accomplishments
Barstool doesn’t sell a t-shirt like this for no one reason

Granted both Fan bases are not happy at times, but the two would rather go down with their team than abandon them, and that’s more common than others.


Have you heard about a song about Nebraska, or Utah? If there is one it’s probably not very common. One thing for certain is that there are hundreds of songs about Texas and New York and Both Texans and New Yorkers pride themselves on knowing all the words to all the song of their people.

George Strait will remind you to ‘Check Yes or No’.
Billy Joel will always let you know that ‘Only the Good Die Young’


I know what you are thinking, “everyone breathes Chris” however for this one it’s not the case. If you didn’t know I’m dating a deadass Italian New Yorker who surprisingly thought a white thrash redneck hillbilly like my self was worthy enough to date. So I figured for this last one I’d ask her myself what she thought.

Just what I thought the perfect response. If she asked me the same question I would’ve probably been a lot funnier but it wouldn’t have been as witty as her response. However I know you’re thinking this right now, “but Chris I thought this was about how alike and similar they are?” Yes you are right and again this proves my point exactly. We are both the most stubborn groups of people on the face of the planet, and if that doesn’t prove that we are similar I don’t what will.

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