Are Axe Throwing Bars all that bad?

So it’s been brought to my attention recently that some people aren’t down with the thought living life on the edge. Local Salsa critic and now bar critic, Chris Waddell, has taken his frustration out on the new trend of bars that offer more than your normal local brew.

The newest sensation slowly making its way across America is Axe throwing bars. Think of a cross between Bowling and Darts. Two traditional sports that you can find accompanied by a couple of adult beverages, but with a little more danger. These new establishments offer you the ability to bring out the barbaric roots that have been bottled up and provide a fun place for you to release that energy with friends, family, or a special someone.

Obviously, with the a weapon in hand, alcohol isn’t always the best idea. We all know that, but where’s the fun in avoiding a little innocent danger? An Axe in the wrong hands can be a deadly weapon…but let’s get real people…I’m more scared of a 10lb Yorkie than an axe coming from the hands of Bob from accounting. Bob can’t even carry more than one ream of paper at a time. How would he ever accidentally hurt someone at an Axe throwing bar?

I’ve seen plenty of videos across social media where people take this untapped talent they discover at Axe bars and make a real career out of it. It’s a real shame that Chris has such a negative view on a blade sport venues. Many people like Gary in the video below live a humble life with performance outlets like the local Axe Throwing Bars. Even the completely normal and not a serial killer, Gritty, can perfect the Axe throw.

This wouldn’t be possible if these athletes weren’t given the opportunity to discover this craft in a nice, open, and relaxing environment. The thought of being against a concept like the Axe Throwing Bar is honestly not something the founding fathers of this great country would be proud of. Is local Salsa critic Chris Waddell being to harsh? Or dare I say it, Un-American? I’ll let the people come to their own conclusion, but for now I’m going to go throw some axes like any normal person would.

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